About Me

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Hello – My name is Pamala Smith.  I am 48 years old.  Though I didn’t move to Vermont until I was 4 years old, my dad’s family was native to Richford, by way of Canada.  Besides Richford, I have also lived in St. Albans (currently) and Burlington.  

  • I received a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, with concentrations in Information Technology and Accounting, from the University of Vermont in 2001.
  • I was inducted into Pi Alpha Alpha, the National Honor Society for Public Administration.  
  • My undergraduate degree was in Sociology, with concentrations in Media and Communication.
  • Beyond these degrees, I have taken many other courses at UVM in fields of Accounting, Computer Science, Health Care, Public Health, Environmental Studies, Art, Organic Gardening, and French.  
  • I have worked at the University of Vermont library for twenty-two years, working for the last fourteen years in Information Technology.   
  • I am a big proponent of Sustainability, Animal Welfare, Wildlife Protection, Conservation & Ecology, and Accountability.