If you would like to join into a Microsoft Teams chat, fill in the form below.  It is best if you have a Microsoft email address (or a legitimate Microsoft Teams account through your work email maybe) – and if you do to have download Microsoft Teams first, but it is not necessary. If you do not have a Microsoft email, there may be some limitations but they do not include contributing to the video chat.  

There will be no  preset subject matter of the chats (other than maybe Vermont elections) – I certainly won’t be ready with preset content.  This is the beginning so this can all morph and change.  So come to talk about what you want to talk about (and please come from all walks of life and express yourself however you do).  The only ‘management’ I intend to do is to cut someone off, more or less politely – meaning less or more, if they are dominating the conversation and taking away from others’ contribution(s).  There is no requirement to contribute either.  Listening works too.