Courses I’ve Taken

In the “Courses I’ve Taken” page of this website you will see that I may have taken more for credit courses at UVM than almost anyone in the history of time. 

For me, the decision to obtain a Master’s Degree in Public Administration was a natural progression from an undergraduate degree in Sociology, which I partly consider a degree in how to be a good citizen and of which I couldn’t be more grateful.  Combined with passionate studies in Environmental Studies, I have always been looking toward bettering health – health of the natural world, health of society, and health of governance.

Some of my subsequent studies served to supplement the previous studies in a given field.  This is true with my many courses in Accounting and Information Technology beyond my focused research on them during my Master’s Degree program. Deeper examinations in these fields will serve at least one purpose in the Secretary of State’s Office.  I will be able to communicate well with and understand personnel working on these tasks. 

Reading and understanding written law was a central component of the Public Administration program.  Though it is certainly not a law degree, it is a necessary basis in governmental work.  Related courses that I’ve taken outside of the Master’s degree program are Sociology of Law – providing education in a critical analysis of the law, Business Law, and Public Health Law and Ethics.

In 2016, I finished my studies with a course entitled “Quality Improvement in Health Care”.  This course was the second course I took with a excellent professor who also consults for hospitals including UVM Medical Center.  She is an expert in the field of Quality Improvement in Health Care and this course appropriately capped off my long trek of discovering, academically, what needs to be fixed in Society and how might we be able to do this.