Do I Have the Necessary Experience to Fill the Role of Secretary of State? 

This is a hired position – by the citizens.

Citizens who know that, they too, could run for this position if they chose.

Citizens who know that they make their best decisions every day – they put forth effort every day with a specific goal in mind – they use their brain to analyze variables and to assess cause and effect.

They interact, cooperate, and communicate.

They ask questions. They ask for advice. They provide advice and answers. They weigh options.

They address problems and restrategize. 

They have chosen to not be involved in politics in the past – for a good reason, whatever that may be.  And during that time, they were watching, from one seat or another, what those who were involved in politics were doing – seeing what effect it was having on them and those around them.

And they could run for the role of Secretary of State, and with all that, have some qualifications to fill the role. 

They are who will decide if I am experienced enough to run for Secretary of State.