Type in a name in the Candidate Dashboard (and then click on it) here to see what candidates responses to Let’s Grow Kids questions.  I’ve pasted mine below.

1. What steps would you take to quickly address the immediate emergency need facing households without sufficient internet access, while also planning for a future that will require increasingly faster internet speeds? 

The Secretary of State plays certain roles so I will speak to the question(s) whether it applies to the role or not. I’m not sure that I know enough about the subject to be honest. I’ve heard that the problem is the cost related to widely distributed residences (and I sure hope we keep our expanses of untouched land for the wildlife). I don’t know if there are technologies that can better address this. But highspeed internet should be available to everyone. So basically others have to answer this because I don’t know the specifics of the variables.

2. What is your vision for Vermont’s early care and education system, and how would you propose funding this system? 

Again, I’m not that educated in these aspects of society (childless). From what I’d seen/heard in passing it seemed that the change in the laws that made it so that daycares needed to hire employees with a degree really hurt communities. There is no doubt that there was a reason for the change but I wonder if it should be readdressed and wonder if the resolution to problems was actually the wrong resolution and if there is a better resolution. I think that the State should play a strong role in the funding of child care.

3. Considering Vermont has a well documented shortage of homes affordable to many Vermonters, the question now is: what’s next for these individuals? How would you address the public health risks facing people without homes and how would you address their ongoing needs? 

The cost of housing has increased inconsistently with wage increases – it defies logic. This is a huge issue that probably needs to involve the legislature. I often wonder if the Real Estate industry doesn’t need more regulation. I think that addressing the public health risks facing people without homes should and could additionally involve a large amount of community engagement – whatever work is done in the public sector concerning affordable housing for community members who are in need should try to amass community participation. I think that efforts could be multiplicative and everybody needs to show that they truly care and we need to work as hard as we can.

4. What potential policy changes or initiatives would you advocate for that would encourage investment and further infrastructure in outdoor recreation, creative arts, and food to continue sustainable economic growth in rural regions of Vermont?

I cherish the untouched Vermont – the unseen places left for nonhumans because wildlife need that. So I think that investments in infrastructure, creative arts, and food that is making use of already developed areas – that show a commitment to preserving what is most valuable of the region would attest to the reason for being there. I will not be in the legislature and don’t know of the options for policy changes and initiatives but that is what I think would work best for the area.