Playlist 3

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The first three clips are from a February 2020 Press Conference published on YouTube by Orca Media. and the second is a 2017 interview from GNAT TV

The first two video clips show Condos telling the media that the Secretary of State’s Office and the Town Clerks Offices are the true sources of trusted information.

The third video clip is consistent with Condos’ contention in the first debate with Jason Gibbs (parts of which were shown in Playlist 1) where, in a conversation about withholding of information, he also stated that municipal officials are some of the hardest working people .

The most key juncture of election integrity in the state is at the local level.  Like the Secretary of States Office, Town Clerk positions are elected positions that require the most critical eye – they oversee elections, yet are elected.  Yet this is what Condos has insisted since 2010 – I KNOW there should always remain a good amount of room to question the workings of these positions – whether they are hard working or not. 

The fourth video clip purports that the hallmark of Condos’ tenure has been transparency and just government – I am more skeptical of this.  

And the final (fifth) video clip shows Condos’ description of the Professional Regulation division.  I’m really surprised that he didn’t think of Dentists, Lawyers, or Veterinarians. I doubt there are a huge number of citizens making complaints about engineers.