How would you use the Vermont Secretary of State’s Office to respond in situations like we have seen over the last six months under the coronavirus pandemic?

I’m going to speak to this question in terms of unexpected events that affect the state as a whole, where I may have limited control, and that also involve some other governmental decision makers.

In such a situation, I would feel that it was important to maintain regular communciation from the Office of Secretary of State.  Of course this would be true outside of such situations as well but obviously the content would be of a different nature.

Outlining any relevant organizational information and making it easy to discover and read and responding to concerns, would help us to be working with the same information as our constituents and our peers.

The effects that the responses have had on every aspect of society have been staggering.  I would want to ensure that we were as transparent as possible on a regular basis.  

This could ultimately lead to other sectors of government to increase their transparency as well since our messaging would not be isolated.