I made this video on 10/11 – posting on 10/12.  

Hello.  It is now three weeks and two days until this election is decided.

I have been running this campaign all by myself, which has made it easier in a number of ways and it definitely has made it a little unconventional, which is a good thing. 

The campaign has evolved a little since I began it during the lockdown period – particularly in terms of Professional Regulation.  Though, too, it hasn’t changed a bit. 

If I am elected there will be a number of things to contend with upon arrival – and I don’t even yet know what some of those things are.  What does remain hard and fast is my commitment to fight for citizens.

Some systems need significantly more formal customer input.

And if I am elected, I will be working with other hard working civil servants to do just that – serve the citizens the best way we know how. 

I’ve enjoyed the process so far – virtually seeing people from other parts of the state, them on their computer and me on mine, answering questions, communicating via my website and social media, and making graphics that explain what I’m trying to say. 

So I just wanted to say hello – and that it seems now a long time ago from when I hastily made those first videos in my backyard in the early summer.  I’m looking forward to election day and seeing what will be.