Good Morning.  Today I’m bringing my ballot in to vote.  For the Statewide races, I will be voting for myself and I’ve given many reasons for that.  For the other Statewide races I will be voting for the Democrats and that has to do with the individual candidates not, not party. 

I’m not averse, by any means, to voting Republican.  I think the tenets of the Republican platform historically or statistically have been and are valuable and useful at the right time.  Whether or not it is the right time is not the question in this situation, it is that I think that, for the most part, or more than the grand majority of the time, that the best Republican candidates have been pushed out of the party, pushed out of politics.

And I think that, I remember earlier in Donald Trump’s tenure, and by the way, needless to say, I am voting Democrat for the presidential race also.  I think Joe Biden is an EXCELLENT candidate.  And I know that most people do also – like almost everyone. 

So, I was saying I remember earlier in Donald Trump’s tenure there was a vote in Congress and he dared to come out and say, “If you are a Republican, how dare you even think about not voting party”.  Ok, I would say that is on the ‘not legal’ side of the spectrum.

You don’t have to vote party – and I’m not talking about myself running as and Independent.  I’m talking about Donald Trump.  I’m talking about the current Republican party.  I’m talking about that incessant contention that there’s no option – that this is a gang issue.  It shows that he never learned about Democracy.  And there should be not one more day when that is allowed in a major party.

And then tomorrow is the last day to vote and I hope everybody votes for who they think the strongest candidates are, for every position.  Goodbye.