The Evil of Face Masks and Mike Pence’s Love for Federalism

Do you think that Evil is an inappropriate word to use? And, if so, why? The bigger question might be, “Are you in a decision making role”? It is not inappropriate to call forcing individuals to put a mask over their mouth and nose when in public evil.  

Do I have to give you specifics of why I think it is Evil? NOPE! Do I have to confirm that I have heard the public health announcements? Nope.

I do think that critical analyses of the Covid-19 pandemic period should be organized, welcome, and public.   

I do also think that Donald Trump’s hoped election (or course there were no actors because it never happened) actually sought to use it and the mask ‘question’ toward their end.  How would they find the smattering of people to stand behind him, even if paid, if they were not assured that they could be masked?  

Regarding Mike Pence and his love for Federalism: See this article By the way, in this article, the comment about Trump employees’ roles in the ‘Way Things Went’ is three paragraphs up from the heading ‘Anger and Death Threats”.  

The addition of Mike Pence’s comment about his love for federalism seems quite purposeful but what is funny about it?  The purpose of federalism is to ensure a balance of power.  To allow people to have greater control over what affects them locally.  

Does this mean that the locally powerful should be able to maintain, by any means necessary, an imbalanced power structure at the local/state level?  

The purpose of federalism is not to coordinate power between the branches (and of course elements of the private sector) to meet individual’s (not the public’s) desired ends.